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Reliable Asset Protection Planning in NJ

What Is Asset Protection Planning in NJ?

Ask yourself this key question: Does this action help you protect your assets?

Why? You have worked hard for your wealth. When considering how to leave wealth to others and how to use wealth in a long-term care situation, there are opportunities to:

  • Maximize the wealth that will be passed on to others
  • Minimize the risk of loss of that wealth

Protecting Assets in Estate Plans

Risks to inherited wealth include taxes, a future divorce of a beneficiary, business failure, negative influences in a beneficiaries’ life, healthcare costs, lack of financial maturity, and lack of knowledge. Using trusts, our estate planning asset protection attorneys will create an estate plan that will maximize the inheritance you leave to your beneficiaries and minimize its disappearance.

Protecting Assets in Elder Law Plans

Asset Protection Planning is sometimes synonymous with Elder Law. Elder Law is helping you devise a plan to protect your assets from the catastrophic cost of long-term care. Elder law planning moves beyond estate planning documents into Life Care Planning – the support families need with aging issues. We identify the game plan we devise for you after our initial consultation an “Asset Protection Plan” because that speaks to the purpose of why you have sought our professional advice and counsel.

Protecting Assets for Special Needs Beneficiaries

We empower families to leave assets to disabled beneficiaries so they are not deemed “Countable Assets” in determining whether the disabled individual qualifies for government benefits. Our services for asset protection planning in NJ provide a safety net for the disabled beneficiary by setting aside additional resources to supplement what government resources will pay for.

Protecting Assets from Creditors

Asset Protection Planning can also include protecting your wealth from your unknown future creditors. This can be accomplished through Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in certain other states.

Ask an Asset Protection Attorney

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Wealth Preservation Services

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