Attorneys helping to plan for your future

Who We Are

Who makes up this Team?

You – You are the centerpiece of the Team. While we bring our experience, knowledge, and feedback to the table, the goals to be achieved are yours.

Our Attorneys – Consider our attorneys as the Coach. At our first meeting, we filter your goals/family situation and assets through our knowledge. Our Wealth Preservation attorneys educate you about the law and planning options. We strategize with you to create a plan to fit your needs. We allocate roles to different Team members (including you) to efficiently reach your end goal. While DeirdreJoeCrystal, Liz and Ryann have the most experience, all our attorneys are passionate about helping families keep what they have worked so hard to earn. Our attorneys invest in ongoing education to stay up-to-date on current laws and trends and earn advanced legal degrees and certifications.

Our Paraprofessionals – Think of our paraprofessionals as “special-teams.” While not attorneys, they have deep experience in different specific areas of estate planning, estate administration, elder law, disability planning, estate litigation, asset titling, accountings, etc. Often our paraprofessionals will spend more time on the day-to-day activities of your plan (keeping costs down) to leverage their talents to move you closer to your goals.

Our Client Services Assistants – Our wonderful and capable assistants are the glue of your Team. No team works well without communication. You’ll likely first speak with our assistants. They are the point person for your Team, making sure that you get the information you need, meetings are held to move your matter forward, and other parties are brought in as needed. They are a friendly voice to answer any questions you have or get you the answers you need.

Your Other Advisors –If you look around you, you probably already have a Team assembled – your family members, accountant, financial advisor, insurance advisor, physicians, spiritual advisors. We aren’t looking to upset your existing team. The best team is where all your advisors work together to assist you with your needs. We work with you to maximize your current advisors to most effectively meet your goals.

Our Relationships – There is no limit to who you may want or need on your Team. We are happy to connect you with other professionals who can address needs you have – specialized accountants, financial advisors, realtors, estate agents, geriatric care managers, appraisers, experts in a variety of fields. With our extensive experience, we help you identify your non-legal needs and reach into our contact pools to introduce you to the right person to fill those needs.

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